Now’s the Time to Start Planning Your Holiday Party

Now’s the Time to Start Planning Your Holiday Party

Now’s the Time to Start Planning Your Holiday Party

So here we are in the midst of summer. Maybe you’re sitting on the beach, listening to the peaceful waves crash against the shore, feeling the sand on your toes, and smelling that fresh salty air while the lustrous sun shines down on you.


Of course, now isn’t exactly the time when people think about the phrase “The Holidays,” but with that said, we want you to start thinking about the holidays—at least when it comes to planning your corporate party.


We’ve organized a lot of stellar events, and in our experience, the most successful ones are planned well in advance. As the go-to event production company for Bucks County and Greater Philadelphia, we’ll be glad to help you plan the perfect corporate bash. Here’s why it’s smart to think ahead:


Venues Book Up Fast

If you start planning now, you’ll have first dibs on the perfect space, and a venue’s quality could easily make or break the success of the whole event. Nothing makes more of a statement than the party space itself, and by solidifying that detail early on, the other elements will fall into place seamlessly as you continue to plan. Getting the venue lined up will be a HUGE load off your shoulders, so the earlier, the better.


You’ll Have More Power

Venues, DJs, caterers, etc. aren’t exactly getting their email inboxes flooded with clients inquiring about holiday parties this time of year. If you reach out now, you won’t have much—if any—competition. That’ll give you more power to negotiate, and thus, obtain cheaper rates on the whole. Plus, you’ll have more available options to choose from.


Why Metrospect?

We’re the best in the business—and our track record proves it. Sure, we put on some of the hottest events for the biggest names in Philadelphia, but we believe wholeheartedly that the key to success comes from treating every job—no matter how large or small—with equal effort. Whether it’s Hair O’ the Dog, the Philadelphia Sports Roast, a local couple’s wedding, or a mid-size business’ holiday party, we’re going to hustle hard to make sure the end result is stunning.


These are some recent events that were powered by Metrospect:

  • Netrality’s grand opening
  • Alicia Dimichele’s boutique’s one-year anniversary
  • Various events for Bisnow
  • Vivica A. Fox’s hair line’s launch party
  • The first ever Philadelphia Sports Roast featuring Terrell Owens


Northeast Dental: A Case Study

Northeast Dental is a large dental management firm with locations spread throughout the Northeast. They host a remarkable holiday party every year, but putting it together alone was getting challenging, so they came to us for some help a few years ago, and we’ve been organizing the event ever since! One of the struggles Northeast Dental faces involves figuring out where to host the affair, since their company spans a large geographic location. The solution: Host it in Atlantic City! Not only did that centralize the event, but it also gives them ample venue options.


We also put together a unique theme for Northeast Dental every year. One of our favorites was “Let the Holidays Roar” at One Atlantic, which was all about Gatsby, and included cigar rolling, feather boas and fedoras. Then, there was “Holidays in Havana” at Cuba Libra, complete with signature mojitos, salsa performances and lessons. Finally, there was “Rockin’ Around the Holidays” at Hard Rock Café, featuring the cover band The Rockets and blow up guitar props!


Every year, we’re tasked with a new venue, new talent, a scene and so on. The fast paced nature of this business is thrilling to us, and we’re glad to accept any challenge. That’s what differentiates us from the rest! Whether it’s putting the whole bash together, or just offering you the DJ service for your Bucks County corporate event, you can count on Metrospect to surpass all expectations.


But it’s not just about the holiday parties. We’ll hook you up with the perfect team building, grand opening or anniversary celebration event, too!


Don’t rush away from your beachside daiquiri to buy 20 rolls of wrapping paper, but sometime soon after you wash the sand off your toes, give us a shout and we’ll help you get squared away with the perfect event!